Colored Screws with Washers

Our decorative painted screw and washer assemblies are intended for applications such as attaching colored panels to in the interior of aircraft, special-purpose vehicles or other equipment. The screw heads are processed with a durable thermosetting coating material, while the accompanying color-matched washer is designed to protect the finished panel or equipment surface.

Colored Screws

This series of screws includes pan head, flat head, oval head, washer head and button head screws, offered in a variety of materials and drive styles. Screw heads are color-matched to individual customer specifications using a durable thermoset coating and are designed to withstand normal abrasion, chipping and solvent action.

Pressure Displacement Fasteners

Designed for use in applications where relatively strong steel threads are required in a relatively soft mounting material. Typical application is attaching hardware to a sheet aluminum surface.

Special Fasteners

Specialized fasteners are designed when standard products do not meet a customer’s particular application need. Examples include custom-manufactured fasteners and washers, and screws with drive styles or thread forms not listed on this site.