About Us

Stake Fastener Co. is an operating division of Dupree, Inc., a veteran-owned California corporation founded in 1958 by James N. Dupree. Through growth over the years, Mr. Dupree relocated the operation several times to its present location in Chino, CA. Today, the Company is still owned and managed by the founder’s family.

Since its beginnings, Stake Fastener Co.’s focus has been on the design and manufacture of unique special application fasteners, with an emphasis on color-matched panel screws and screw assemblies that are processed with a durable thermoset coating material that resists chipping and flaking compared to a basic painted screw. Our products, originally designed for specific aircraft/aerospace applications, are found on all major aircraft in service today. Stake Fastener products also support other sectors of the transportation industry, such as buses, trucks, trains, special-purpose vehicles and agricultural equipment, and can be found on modern electronic instruments, medical and telecommunications devices, and rack-mounted equipment.

All products are proprietary in nature and are documented on individual engineering drawings. The designs are conceived, engineered, tooled, manufactured, assembled, stored, and shipped from our state-of-the-art facility. Our business systems, inventory management and quality control systems are fully integrated with an ERP platform, making this information seamless and accessible. This enables our staff to maintain close control over the entire manufacturing process.

A qualified team of experts closely manages Stake Fastener Co. Our conservative financial structure allows us to weather economic downturns, and we have the wherewithal to finance new product development and growth. We welcome all inquiries for similar items not shown on this site and enjoy working with designers and engineers to propose recommendations for their particular application needs. The Stake Fastener team supports customers on a global scale, and we have facilities with room to grow.